Haris Wirabrata

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Network Narrative ( Live | Repo )

  • A dashboard for reviewing a novel by its social network analysis(SNA) visualization and reading interactively through its characters' info.
  • The data for SNA is preprocessed using python pandas and then it's served statically on d3 on top of react single page app.
  • Chalanges included building comprehensive user interface while maintaining simplicity and navigability; technically, juggling the dom handling between React and D3.

Community Detection ( Repo )

  • An implementation of genetic algorithm for community detection of a given social network.
  • This algorithm emulate the concept of natural selection to search an optimum way to put a social network into groups. It is built with python's pandas and networkx.
  • This project challenged me to learn genetic algorithm and some math theories which were new to me.

Covid-19 Dashboard ( Live | Repo )

  • A dashboard which visualizing the spread of COVID-19 pandemic in the countries around the globe alongside some news' headlines a the country in question.
  • The web app is built with React and D3. The data is obtained from public API providing the daily update of the pandemic.
  • The obstacles were handling the graph's responsiveness to the change of window size.


RakarsaInventory OfficerAugust-September 2019

Responsible for inventory system and general condition of artworks for an art exhibition. My role includes:

  • Creating an inventory workflow which was suitable for agile storing and retrieving of the artworks.
  • Organizing their transportation between the warehouse and exhibition venue.
  • Tracking their condition at every action taken and reporting it periodically.
  • Conducting their delivery to the collector or return to artists to various locations with a few logistic services.
KnobzstoreShopkeeping AssistantJuly-November 2019

Responsible for the maintance and online visual presentation of a collection of vintage music players.

  • Carrying the process of storing and delivery of the product, also attending its restoration by a technician.
  • Organizing products storage in the warehouse and packaging every sold item.
  • Making product photography with dramatic lights on to enhance the presence of their unique builds.

Tech Skills

Javascript, React, D3, Vue, Python, Pandas