This project is an experiment of reviewing Les Miserables novel by its social network with the help of interractive dashboard which could show some characters information and a number of measurements usually used in social network analysis. The dashboard user interface is designed in a way information about the network could come gradually to the user. Click is the major gesture to interract with the network.

From time to time, social network analysis requires us to classify the number of groups from a given network. This simple module is a python implementation of a locus based genetic algorithm for community detection. This algorithm is particularly good at detecting communities in which we don't know their number beforehand. This algorithm finds communities by its structure: it classifies densely connected nodes into a group. Although it runs slowly, this algorithm will help us in preliminary analysis of a social network.

This project was bootstrapped with Create React App. Data visualization using D3 Covid-19 data provided by CovidApi News list provided by NewsApi